Things To Do Before Booking Your Wedding Vendors

You are of course extremely excited about your big day. It is easy to get carried away with all the arrangements, the venue, decoration, food and beverage, invitations, music, wedding dress etc. However, before you plan it all, it is vital to follow these easy steps so that your most special would run smoothly with no hassle.

  • Make a budget
    You might have your dream wedding in mind, however all that is possible if you have the necessary financials for it. First of all, sit down and take a few ours to carefully plan your budget. Allocate sums of money to each aspect such as the venue, dress, decoration etc. so that you have a clear guide on how much to spend where. The weight you give to each aspect depends on your choice. For example, if you have a special venue in mind, separate a larger sum for it and cut down other expenses such as by putting up simple decorations etc. This will stop you from booking exclusive wedding planners and other vendors that you cannot really afford. If you can handle certain elements yourself, such as taking short makeup artist course Sydney so that you don’t have to spend too much on a professional, you can reduce costs immensely.
  • Guest count
    Narrowing down your guest list could be one of hardest tasks. However, this list could be very helpful when deciding on the venue and catering. To cut costs, opt for a garden or barn wedding rather than booking a reception hall. Use the saved cash to put up some grand decoration so that your wedding will look as elegant as it could.
  • Know the scope and timing of your wedding
    This refers to how much work your vendor should put into your wedding and how fast. The timing of the wedding is important for the menu, beverages, decoration, lighting and even your makeup. Your makeup artist would know what type of makeup needs to be done at what time of the day. Visit this link to find out the best makeup artist.
  • Decide if to hire a wedding planner
    A wedding planner is of course an extra cost; however, he could also help you save heaps too. Wedding planners have their own contacts that could get all the things done at a low cost since they know to negotiate and land the deal. A professional planner has been in the industry for years and hence his contacts could be guaranteed to do a better job than others. So, if your planning to hire one, make this decision early and book them.