How To Combat Hair Loss?

Hair loss seems to affect men and women at random. While genetics play a big role in determining whether you will lose a lot of hair once your reach a certain age, you cannot really say whether it will occur or not.

Whatever the reasons for hair loss are, there ought to a few things you can do to minimize the effect of having a bald scalp. Here are a few things you can try to do, ranging from using a few chemicals to more drastic measures:

Get Hormone Levels Checked – Pattern baldness is closely associated with irregular hormone level in our bloodstream. Specifically, testosterone can get metabolized into dihydrotestosterone (also known as DHT), which is known to be a factor in causing baldness. By doing a blood test, it is possible to narrow down on the causes of your baldness, mainly because you can check hormone levels only by doing a blood test.

Take Care of Your Scalp – Hair loss may also occur due to you neglecting to take care of your scalp. Ensure that you wash it on a regular basis, and apply some oil to nourish it. It might also be worth it to change the shampoo that you use regularly to something else, preferably one that helps treat hair loss to some extent.

Wear Wigs – This won’t help you prevent going bald, but at least it will help you look better with minimum effort. You can easily hide your bald patches, and if you want, you can also totally change your hairstyle to something different.

Don’t Go Overboard with Styling – Chances are that you are taking a lot of time each day to make your hair look the way you want it to. While you may succeed in doing so, this can prove to be harmful to your hair, as constantly fiddling with it means that your hair strands will have a higher chance of breaking off. You should also reconsider about using hot hair styling tools too frequently, as they will cause your hair strands to become dry and burnt, severely reducing their lifespan. Instead, try new styles lace front wigs.

Opt for Laser Light Therapy – Laser light therapy is a bit of a novel solution to combat hair loss. It doesn’t necessarily help you grown directly grow new hair, but it helps stimulate blood flow to your head, helping you keep your current hair strands standing for a lot longer, while also encouraging the growth of new hair a little bit. Laser light therapy tools come in the form of brushes and combs, which can be easily used either at home or at your workplace.

Consider Hair Transplant Surgery – This is the best option when you notice that other treatments seem to have no effect in slowing down hair loss. A hair replacement surgery will help you regrow a lot of hair if given enough time, but as it is a more invasive treatment than other methods, it should be left for last.