Dealing With Change

Our daughter recently told my husband that he had wrinkles. He responded by saying they weren’t wrinkles but laughter lines! Why is it ok for him to age gracefully while women need to try and maintain our youthful appearances? Men can go bald, grey at the temples and still be called debonair. Men do have it so much easier than women. The daily shave is probably their biggest humdrum activity whereas women have to deal with monthly cycles, waxing sessions, changes in hormones, wrinkly skin, sagging body parts to name but a few.But it isn’t all negative, this passing of time and there are many things available that can help us smooth over the changes. There have been huge advancements in medical treatments, products available to help us navigate these trying years.

My favourite thing at the moment is the best moringa oleifera benefits I use. It is natural anti aging skin care which I use because it uses only natural ingredients with no added chemicals and it is great for reducing any appearance of lines. It feels so fantastic of my face each day and I just love using it. The other great advancement for me is my support bra. If you were a bigger breasted girl a few years ago, you were reduced to buying really chunky looking bras but nowadays, you can still get the support that you need with thinner straps and more elegant styles. To me, it makes wearing close fitting tops in summer or strappy dresses much easier. OK, I should really do something about the ‘bingo wings’ ruining the look of my arms but that’s maybe a challenge for next year.

I’m not quite at the menopausal stage of my life, but would not to do it without any hormone replacement treatments. I do know that there are plenty of natural remedies out there to assist with the swings of hormones and the normal signs of menopause. Going natural makes much more sense to me as the symptoms of menopause can last for years and the idea of having additional hormones added to my body for an extended period of time isn’t appealing. I’ve never like the idea of being on the contraceptive pill because of what it does to your hormones.

It has been proven that keeping active helps you age better. I’ve never been a gym junkie although I might have been converted. I started by doing a boot camp session which was totally eye opening but I really enjoyed it, much to my surprise. I have kept up with the sessions, toned my body and noticed a difference in the timing of my monthlies as they are more regular. As I progress into my late 40s, I hope I’m willing and able to adapt to the changes taking place in my body, using the natural remedies available and sound judgement.