Can You Go For Permanent Makeup?

By applying a cosmetic technique, you can accomplish permanent makeup. The permanent pigmentation of the dermis is managed through tattoos. You can produce various designs and the designs resemble the real makeup. Instead of applying eyeliner on a daily basis, you can go for permanent pigmentation so that it will stay forever. In this process, you can produce artificial eyebrows as well. As a matter of fact, the technique can be implemented on people who suffer from disease or those who have undergone chemotherapy. The breast’s areola will also be restored by applying the technique after the breast surgery.


The application of Lisa Millington cosmetic tattoo started in the early 20th century. In these days, latest technology is used to minimize risks and maximize benefits. The tattoo will be quite unnoticeable when you go for a special design. The amount of pigment and colour value will have prominent impact on the skin. The makeup pigment will remain in the dermis and it is influenced by various factors. The longevity of the permanent makeup is based on the lifestyle of the individual.

A reputed cosmetic tattoo school will offer various kinds of courses on beautification by applying artificial makeup aids. It is difficult to remove a tattoo. Similarly, you cannot remove permanent makeup very easily. However, laser surfacing, dermabrasion and surgical removal options are explored to remove permanent marks. It is easy to apply a tattoo. However, you should struggle hard to remove the tattoo.

Change in colour

There might be change in colour of the tattoo due to various reasons. The pigment characteristics, the methods and techniques applied by the tattooist and the client’s environment will have an impact on the colour of the tattoo. The medicines used by the patient will also have an impact. There are people who will go for permanent tattooing on eyebrows and eyeliner. The technician should take best possible care so that any disease should not spread through the blood. Before going for a tattoo, you should be aware of the health risks. If unsterilized tattooing methods are implemented, the patient will be affected with severe diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis. You should choose the best clinic to perform the operation. There are beauty salons which offer complexion treatment without the knowledge of clients. These kinds of incidents happened during the early 1930’s. The vegetable dye was injected into the top layer of the skin. If you are going for tattooing, you should be aware of the exact method and the ingredients used in this process. By choosing permanent makeup, there will be great enhancement in face features. The new definition can be rendered to various parts of the face which include eyes, lips and eyebrows. The results will be similar to topically applied cosmetics.